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Drum Set


We are currently in need of a new Drum Set as the set we are using was purchased over 25 years ago. It is no longer complete and is held together by assorted components, some of which are not even percussion parts. We feel that it is time to upgrade and are asking for help. You can help contribute by clicking here or on the image shown above.

Audio Gear


Our tools much like any craft need to contantly evolve.  As time marches on, we learn stay current with trends through hard work and research. It's purpose of which is to better our presentations and spread God's message through any means necessary. ​Click here or on the image above to donate for this cause.

Video Gear


Part of the growing trends is video. A lot of people are sometimes too busy with everyday chores  and can't make it to our church service or concert. Video brings the live music and our tour experiences  a little closer to home. Like most of our tools, our cell phones are being used to their maximum abilities and work great, but we feel there is a lot more we can do. Click here or on the image above if you would like to to contribute to this part of our Ministry.

Tour Bus


STATUS: Bus Acquired and in use but needs conversion.

A few years ago we set out on a mission to purchase a bus to use as our tour bus. We were fortunate to find a 2000 45' Prevost Charter Bus. Although the Bus has not been converted to an ideal Entertainers Tour Bus, it is in great shape and is being used to transport our ministry to our destinations.  

If you would like to donate to this part of our Ministry, click here or on the image of bus shown above.

Mixer (Sound Board)




Over the years our Ministry quickly learned that sound equipment  plays a vital role in our work to preach the word of God. Like any craftsman, we go through great extents to purchase the best tools for the job. Unfortunately in our current situation, a lot of what makes up our sound ensemble has tracked a lot of miles. A key component to our tool arsenal had come to the point of urgent replacement.  This piece of equipment is often referred to as a Sound Console, Mixer or Sound Board. It is the one element that controls the sound being emitted from the speakers. We asked and researched enough to set our goal on a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 mixer that we felt would provide quality and reliability continuously. That high standard unfortunately came with a high price tag of over $3,000.00 dollars. The need for a replacement was eventually placed on God and the hearts of our Christian families. In a short time, our voice was heard and we managed to gather enough funds to purchase a new mixer (sound board). 

The mixer is performing great thus far and has provided so many new features. Although we are need of more equipment, we are very proud to say that we have taken yet another step further in upgrading our sound system. We would like to thank the people that helped sponsor this project and the company that were able to offer us a deal that met our humble budget. Thank you all and my God bless you.

Romans 10:15

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