We turned 40!


On Monday, June 16 of 2015.  Los Alegres de Harlingen (Ministerio Los Alegres) celebrated their 40th year of ongoing Evangelical Ministry. An event was held at the Casa del Sol Event Center in Harlingen, TX. A total of over 600 guests attended this special day for the band. Among the attendees were pastors, evangelists, christian bands, friends and relatives from all over the nation and from Mexico.

The event included a dinner and performances from a select number bands that have been preaching the word alike for many years. Although day of was extremely hot and muggy, it wouldn’t be enough to deter the unwavering guests from attending the concert. The tables were colorfully decorated, the commemorate cake was displayed beautifully as people marched through the doors to anxiously await the evening to launch the celebration. The night opened up with a performance from Natividad Torres, Stanislao Marino, Grupo SNC, Los Alegres de Harlingen and Paulino Bernal and Conjunto Bernal. 

Each performance was followed by a few words of appreciation and homage by friends and church leaders. As the hours progressed, the event promptly came to an end leaving everyone with a sense of uplifting enjoyment of fellowship. This event was sponsored by many businesses, churches, friends and relatives. We thank all who participated in helping this special day come to a fruition and to those countless prayers. We Thank God for the continuous protection and guidance as we journey through life in Jesus name.  


Event Poster


40th Ministry Anniversary Event Poster

Conjunto Bernal


Supporting Act - Paulino Bernal and his Conjunto Bernal

Grupo Trigal


Supporting Act - Grupo Trigal